You and your friends recently went to a casino owned by The National Bank of Money. They've been accused in the past of fixing machines and cheating in order to give the house a higher advantage then usual. They stole your money - and you want it back. The casino keeps all of it's equipment and casino chips in The National Bank of Money's vault. Mid-break in the security system comes back to life. You've one hour to grab as much cash (in casino chips) as possible, and escape. Can you grab the most cash?

To get all the chips, you need to do some research at







                 HALL OF FAME



What do you get if you successfully Escape? The prize is the priceless moment when everything falls into place and you finally find the solution. And you will be honored. Check out the current TRAPPED leaders.


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TRAPPED provides a unique experience with a realistic and sophisticated built environment. It is an interactive game where players are encouraged to PLAN as a team, SOLVE puzzles collaboratively in order to ESCAPE before time expires.


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